Meet Brandi

As a partner in 5 Two Press, my journey intertwines with the heartbeat of a vision that transcends from ordinary to revolutionary. From our very inception, this adventure resonated within the depths of my passion for books and reading. My being a piece of 5 Two Press isn’t just about ink on pages, it is a commitment to breaking the chains of generational poverty, shaping narratives, and forging a legacy through the influence of storytelling.

Sharissa and I are long-time friends. We have had countless conversations about financial struggles, spanning not only into our adulthood but also our childhood experiences and parents’ past struggles. We wholeheartedly agree that no part of us wants our children to sense the scarcity we experienced at their ages. We are committed to breaking the chains for the genesis of our families.

My passion for books runs deep – a sentiment not universally shared but widely understood. Holding a stake in a publishing house aligns perfectly with my admiration for literature and librarians, a path I once contemplated. When Sharissa presented the idea of starting 5 Two Press, she provided the structure my ideas and passion for books needed to take shape and motion. Even before inviting me to join as a partner, she empowered me to channel my creative energy into a focused direction. This calling is already shaping a narrative for me and my family that is better than I imagined. 

Amid numerous wild dreams, professional and personal, 5 Two Press, LLC stands out, resonating profoundly with me for various reasons. Initially, our focus was to support authors through our distinctive hybrid publishing approach. Currently, we are evolving to provide a safe platform for voices to express themselves. We will always be dedicated to forging legacies through our influences. 

Thank you for joining me on this reflective journey. Your support means the world to us as we navigate the realms of literature and storytelling. Together, we’re not just creating books; we’re shaping narratives, breaking chains, and forging legacies. Your encouragement fuels our passion, and we’re excited to continue this transformative journey with you.

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