Designing Your Self-Published Book

Step 7 in our series of “10 Steps to Publication” is all about designing your manuscript and finally starting to put the book pieces of the book together. Up to this point we have already covered how to get your manuscript written and edited. At this point you are finally ready to start creating the book that you’ve been dreaming about.

At this point it is time to really think about how to design the book. There are specialized book designers out there that will help you to find the right fonts, colors, and design that fits your desire. Though, you may be able to this part yourself if you have clear vision for how you’d like your book to turn out. If you do go the route of a book designer consider exploring their portfolio as well as get recommendations or referrals from their previous clients. Once you have a clear vision for how your book should look it is time to choose a book cover designer. While there are programs out there that allow you to make a book cover for free like Canva, and KDP cover designer, having someone who can design your cover can provide a huge advantage for you. A person specializing in book cover design will be able to help make your cover the most attractive for readers. As much as we say “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” this becomes nearly an impossible task at a bookstore when its really only the book covers you get to see.

Next, you’ll need someone who can format your book for you. This can be done on your own with some tutorials but it is really handy to have someone who knows what they are doing move through your manuscript with ease. There are software programs like Affinity publisher as well as Microsoft word that allow you to format your own book from your home computer. Please note, depending on the type of book you are creating you may want to publish and ebook and a physical print book. The formatting for both is different and if you are seeking a book formatter, make sure they can do exactly the types of file formats you want before you go ahead with them.

As with anything in life really, communication is KEY! You’ll want to know exactly what you want from each person helping you with your book. Ask for prices, timelines and contracts before you go too far.

All of these services can vary in cost totally dependent on the people you hire. It is very important to ask as many questions, as you can, about expectations you have and the timeline you have set for publishing your book.

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