Meet Bethany Luchetta

Author of The Roadie Wife Book I and The Roadie Wife Book II: Finding My Way.

Bethany Luchetta is a writer of life and reality. She earns her living elsewhere, but her passion is writing and human development. Specializing in bridging the gaps between soul and spirit, and science and theology, while also emphasizing generational connections.

Introducing Bethany Luchetta's Books

Dive into the captivating memoirs of Bethany Luchetta with her books, “The Roadie Wife” and “The Roadie Wife: Book 2.” These heartfelt narratives offer a behind-the-scenes look at life on the road, blending personal anecdotes with the unique challenges and adventures of being married to a roadie. Bethany’s engaging storytelling and honest reflections make these books a must-read for anyone interested in the realities of life on tour and the strength of love and partnership.

The Roadie Wife, A memoir

Living in the shadow of her first marriage, the Roadie Wife relentlessly attempts to mask her pain by marrying her new love, a roadie in the music industry. Although she wants to move away from her past, an internal force keeps presenting her with unfinished business, and more pain. The Roadie Wife is a true story about decisions, pretense, and a search for solace. Bethany's story tells of a two year period, in what she affectionately refers to as "the bottom of her barrel". In The Roadie Wife, she exposes herself in attempts to connect listeners with her search for love and belonging. Bethany's lessons are unfolding, even if they are unbeknownst to her at the time, through this season of death and betrayal. Bethany has nowhere to go but up.

The Roadie Wife, Finding My Way

At the bottom of her barrel, Bethany begins to look around, only to find darkness. In the darkness she makes connections to inherited family patterns and demons from the past. Reading 'The Roadie Wife, Book II - Finding My Way' is like watching a boat being tossed by torrid seas. Will Bethany settle for status quo or keep pursuing greater depths into the unknown. As Bethany attempts several healing modalities, she is ultimately pointed back to the cross of Jesus. This is not your average story of self-discovery, or even religion. This is a journey of the soul. Bethany is finding her way through the darkness and illuminating her legacy of brokenness.

What people are saying

So Raw and honest

Amazon Review


“I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book but I love true stories and this one did not disappoint. We follow along as Bethany tells the tale of a time period in her life of great heartache but personal growth. I found myself asking what would I do in this situation and needing to read on to find out how it turned out. As an older woman looking back on my decisions and insecurities during my younger years I found her choices and thoughts very relatable.”

Cathy Hartley

Speaker, Author & Soul Care Coach


“The Roadie Wife, Part II, Finding My Way – is a sensitive and honest story of brokenness and healing, destruction and redemption. A very true story that is sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes amusing, but always captivating.”

Dr. Rob Reimer

Professor & Author


“Bethany’s story is painful, but that is what makes God’s work in her life all the more beautiful. Suffering, when touched by God’s redemptive care, is a terrible beauty. This story is raw and redemptive, painful and powerful, horrible and healing. It is the story of Jesus’ ability to heal a broken heart. It is a story that can bring hope to us all – no one is beyond God’s loving, redemptive reach!”

From dancing on bar tops to broken hearts this book has it all!

Amazon Review


“From dancing on bar top to broken hearts, this book has it all. The Roadie Wife shares her experiences and her heartache with the reader in a way that makes you feel like you have a front row seat for it all. This book had me turning pages non-stop till the very end. I can’t wait for the next one.”

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