Meet Dianna Olson

Dianna Olson lives in a small town in Northern Illinois with her husband of 33 years, Gary.  They have 2 grown children that have turned out pretty great (either because of their parents or maybe despite their parents).  Dianna loves simple country living and has never considered a dandelion a weed because it is one of the first gifts a child can give straight from their heart.

Worth Far More Than...

What happens when God brings together two biological sisters to work on a project? Two sisters that view the world through very different lenses. Then, consider that the project is about the Proverbs 31 Woman. The woman that has been admired and acclaimed for every good Christian girl to try to emulate. The Book "Worth Far More Than..." is the result. Dianna Olson and Cathy Hartley want to encourage you to explore who God uniquely made you to be. It's time to celebrate our differences!

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