Meet Cathy Hartley

Cathy Hartley lives in Northern Illinois with her husband, John and their white fur-ball, Zoe. Being a writer, speaker and Soul Care Coach, she loves nothing more than watching the light of understanding turn on in people’s eyes as they realize the truth of God’s love.  Cathy is the author of Fellowship of the Pots and the co-author of Worth Far More Than… with her sister Dianna Olson

Introducing Cathy Hartley's Books

Discover the heartfelt works of Cathy Hartley with her inspiring books, “Fellowship of the Pots” and “Worth Far More Than…”. In “Fellowship of the Pots,” Cathy delves into the transformative power of community and creativity. Meanwhile, “Worth Far More Than…” explores themes of self-worth and empowerment through personal anecdotes and reflections. Cathy’s engaging storytelling and profound insights make her books a must-read for anyone seeking inspiration and encouragement in their own journeys.

Fellowship of the Pots

Imagine that you have been offered a love so profound that it looks beyond your flaws and failings and remains complete and never ending. A love that does not demand that you try so hard to succeed. The offer of a love for which you do not have to pretend to be someone that you are not. Cathy Hartley dares you to take a hard look at that love and decide. Do you accept or reject the offer?

Worth Far More Than...

What happens when God brings together two biological sisters to work on a project? Two sisters that view the world through very different lenses. Then, consider that the project is about the Proverbs 31 Woman. The woman that has been admired and acclaimed for every good Christian girl to try to emulate. The Book “Worth Far More Than…” is the result. Dianna Olson and Cathy Hartley want to encourage you to explore who God uniquely made you to be. It’s time to celebrate our differences!

What people are saying

What Kind of Pot Am I?

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“If God is the potter and I am the clay, what kind of pot has He made me into? This is a book I want to read again– and again. It’s short but packed with wisdom. From meeting Cathy Hartley years ago, I can testify that she is definitely not just an average person. She’s a very good teacher, and now a very good writer. If you want to know more about yourself, read this book.”

Great combo of engagement and encouragement

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“Very engaging style of writing while yet giving practical help to all of us in the areas of identity and value.
I say “all of us” because even though it’s written to a female audience we men wrestle with these issues as well and this book is a great way to help us face them. Many books are too long and just rehash the same material. When I finished this one I wanted more of what Mrs. Hartley was sharing. I look forward to her future writings and encouragement.”

Authentic, transparent and uplifting!

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“In sharing her own experiences with complete transparency, Cathy Hartley gently challenges us to let God show us the true work of art He created us to be. (I especially appreciate the personal touches and humor to engage the reader on a personal level.) An inspiring and thought-provoking book — well written, easy to read and makes a major impact!”

Abundant wisdom

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“While this book may be small, it is jam packed with wisdom. I could not put it down, and underlined something in each chapter. Highly recommend for anyone that would benefit from revisiting the importance of our value and identity in Christ.”

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