Meet Kristen Rud

Kristen Rud is a visionary community leader who has dedicated her life’s work to walking with women through holy rites of passage and the sacred daily mundane. She began her studies in early childhood education and intervention, learning about alternative methods for healing and the importance of understanding psychophysiology for overall well being and homeostasis.

Throughout her twenties, she experienced a series of synchronistic events that led to the foundation of her own community-based wellness programs- including unique movement classes, healing retreats, leadership programs for women, birth support and one-on-one mentorship.  Kristen is the founder of MM Publication and MM Women’s Wellness. Her leadership and commitment to women’s wellness have made a valuable impact on communities across the country.

The Wheel of the Woman

Uncovering the path to postmodern wellbeing for women, as told by Kristen Rud. The journey begins with the birth of Woman, It's essential to first examine the stories we've retold and the rituals we practice, as a culture, that are responsible for keeping women feeling unwell. This involves taking a deeper look at the hidden herstory. With this awareness, shift the power back to you by rewriting your narrative and unraveling the mistruths that you've absorbed during the Rites of Passage in your life. Finally, learn to experience the magic in the mundane by integrating your feminine need for kinship with he cycles and rhythms of each, moon, and sun. As above, so below. As within, so without.

Founder of MM Publication

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