Meet Rachael Rants

Rachael, the creative force behind The Spirit of Ray, is a multifaceted artist and healer deeply involved in death work. Her journey, inspired by her beloved’s progression to end-of-life, has led her to create a space that celebrates life’s transitions through various forms of artistic expression and community engagement. Rachael offers a unique blend of art, spiritual guidance, and practical tools for those navigating the end-of-life journey.

One of her significant contributions is the upcoming “Bones and the Bereaved,” a creative guide designed to assist those at the end of life, their caregivers, or anyone experiencing a metaphorical death in their lives. This guide includes gentle DIY projects aimed at nurturing the creative spirit during challenging times.

Rachael’s blog on The Spirit of Ray’s website offers insights into her personal journey, death work, and the philosophy that guides her. Her upcoming projects continue to expand on these themes, providing resources and support for those in the grieving process or exploring their spirituality. Her new book, “The Bones and the Bereaved,” further solidifies her role as a compassionate guide through the complexities of life and death.

For more information on Rachael, her store, and her upcoming projects, visit The Spirit of Ray​. Connect with Rachael on social media. 

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