Meet Vivianna Severance

Vivianna Severance is a multifaceted creator, healer, and owner of Wild Raven’s Nest in Terrell, TX. Her journey, deeply rooted in a blend of spirituality and creativity, encompasses a wide array of skills and services. Vivianna’s expertise ranges from Tarot readings and Reiki sessions to crafting unique spiritual tools and jewelry. At Wild Raven’s Nest, she offers a holistic approach to wellness, integrating practices like Reiki, Tarot readings, yoga, meditation and various forms of energy healing to support mental, emotional, and spiritual health​.

In addition to her healing practices, Vivianna is a passionate author. She recently published the Tarot Alchemy Collection, which includes a workbook, journal, and notebook designed to help individuals deepen their understanding of Tarot and integrate its wisdom into their daily lives. Her books focus on nurturing intuitive development and spiritual growth, reflecting her deep understanding of metaphysical subjects.

Wild Raven’s Nest serves as both a boutique and a sanctuary for those seeking to explore their spiritual paths. The store offers an array of handmade items, from jewelry to burnables and sacred sounds, each crafted or selected with intention and care​.

Through her work, Vivianna fosters a supportive community where individuals can connect, heal, and grow together. Whether through a Tarot class, a Reiki session, or a circle of shared spiritual exploration, Vivianna’s mission is to guide others towards their highest potential, embracing both the light and shadow aspects of their journey.


Do the Tarot cards intrigue you, but the daunting task of memorizing 78 card meanings keeps you at arm’s length? Tarot Alchemy offers a refreshing approach that prioritizes your unique perspective, guiding you to trust the messages you receive from the cards through your own lens of understanding. Here, your intuition isn’t just a guide; it’s the star of the show. Tarot Alchemy emerges as a powerful challenge to the status quo, urging you to trust in the wisdom and power of your intuition.

Dive into the transformative world of Tarot Alchemy, where the ancient practice of Tarot reading is reimagined as a joyful journey of self-discovery and intuitive awakening. This is not just another Tarot book; it’s an invitation to a sacred dance with the unknown, a playful game that reconnects you to your inner wisdom and the whispers of the Universe.

The Tarot Alchemy Journal is an expansive playground for your intuition and creativity. Engage with dynamic journal prompts, undertake a 20-day Tarot challenge, and explore the free space sections where your personal insights blossom. This isn’t just about reading Tarot cards; it’s about integrating them into your daily life and spiritual practice, allowing you to craft a personal dialogue with the Universe.

Building on the transformative foundations laid in The Tarot Alchemy Workbook, The Tarot Alchemy Journal invites you deeper into the mystical art of Tarot. This second book in the series is designed for those with a baseline understanding of the cards or those who have journeyed through the first workbook. Here, we delve further, offering interactive experiences that connect Tarot with the Wheel of the Year, lunar cycles, and astrological influences.

This lined notebook is a place to chart your own path while working through The Tarot Alchemy Workbook and the Tarot Alchemy Journal, but also as a standalone notebook for your personal journey. Tailor this notebook to align with your practice. Blank cards are woven through every other page to record your card pulls. 

The benefit of The Tarot Alchemy Workbook is the development of intuition as you learn definitions, structure, and layering in symbolism, Numerology, color theory, and Astrology. The Tarot Alchemy Journal deepens your practice with interactive experiences that connect Tarot with the Wheel of the Year, lunar cycles, astrological influences, and more. Complete your collection with all three!



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