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At 5 Two Press, we are proud to showcase a diverse array of talented non-fiction authors. Our writers share compelling, real-life stories that inspire and resonate with readers. From memoirs that offer intimate glimpses into personal journeys to guides that provide practical advice for everyday challenges, our authors bring authenticity and passion to their work. 

Discover the unique voices and powerful narratives that define 5 Two Press, and explore the transformative stories that our authors have to tell.

Meet Vivianna Severance

Vivianna Severance brings over two decades of Tarot experience, nurturing a journey that extends from passionate exploration to professional guidance in Tarot circles and instructional settings. Her approach to Tarot transcends traditional boundaries, emphasizing deep personal connection and intuition development—a passion ignited after years of undervaluing her intuitive abilities.


Raised amidst a heritage of strong women who adhered to the societal expectations and religious customs of their time, Vivianna’s early environment was framed by Catholic practices and clandestine spiritual rituals, including her great aunt, who was a secret Tarot reader. It wasn’t until Vivianna embraced her first Tarot deck in her twenties—years after her great aunt’s passing—that she began to unravel her gifts.


Today, Vivianna Severance is the proud owner of Wild Raven’s Nest, a boutique wellness center nestled in Terrell, Texas. Here, the essence of her journey—a blend of spiritual heritage and personal discovery—flourishes in a community where “woo meets country.” At Wild Raven’s Nest, she offers a variety of services that embody her dedication to fostering intuition and spiritual wellness. These services include intuition development classes, yoga sessions, and a unique metaphysical store, all designed to nurture the mind, body, and spirit. Additionally, she provides healing services, creating a sanctuary for those ready to explore and embrace their inner wisdom. Vivianna’s work continues to inspire and guide individuals on their own paths to self-discovery and holistic health.

Kristen Rud is a visionary community leader who has dedicated her life’s work to walking with women through holy rites of passage and the sacred daily mundane. She began her studies in early childhood education and intervention, learning about alternative methods for healing and the importance of understanding psychophysiology for overall well being and homeostasis. 

Throughout her twenties, she experienced a series of synchronistic events that led to the foundation of her own community-based wellness programs- including unique movement classes, healing retreats, leadership programs for women, birth support and one-on-one mentorship.  Kristen is currently serving the women and families of the Temecula Valley in Southern California while she attends a traditional midwifery school. Her leadership and commitment to women’s wellness have made a valuable impact on communities across the country.


Meet Kristen Rud

Meet Bethany Luchetta

Bethany Luchetta is a writer of life and reality. She earns her living elsewhere, but her passion is writing and human development. Specializing in bridging the gaps between soul and spirit, and science and theology, while also emphasizing generational connections. 


Cathy Hartley lives in Northern Illinois with her husband, John and their white fur-ball, Zoe. Being a writer, speaker and Soul Care Coach, she loves nothing more than watching the light of understanding turn on in people’s eyes as they realize the truth of God’s love.

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Meet Cathy Hartley

Worth far more than

Meet Dianna Olson

Dianna Olson lives in a small town in Northern Illinois with her husband of 33 years, Gary.  They have 2 grown children that have turned out pretty great (either because of their parents or maybe despite their parents).  Dianna loves simple country living and has never considered a dandelion a weed because it is one of the first gifts a child can give straight from their heart.


Worth far more than

Sharissa Bradley is an experimental psychologist turned nutritionist who has spent the last 15 years studying psychology, the human brain, health, nutrition, myths around food. As well as, the idea that we know what to do and yet we still, seemingly, choose not to do it. As the co-owner of 5 Two Press and the owner of the grant funding platform Project Seed Money, Sharissa spends her days helping aspiring authors reach their goals. 


Meet Sharissa Bradley

Meet Rachael Rants

Ray and her husband have been in the death portal for over two years. He is on his end-of-life journey and as she walks him home, art meditation has been her medicine through the deepest of darkness. Rachael’s grief has given birth to creation. It is her desire to share these sacred arts with her village. Each creation is designed to have an intimate string connected to your experience. Grief is meant to be witnessed and seen. By birthing creation amongst grief, you are shedding light on your journey. 

Rachael is a certified yoga instructor, end of life doula, and creator using art meditation as a gateway into the healing journey.

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