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  • Elevate Your Manuscript: A Guide to Finding and Hiring a Professional Editor

    Are you ready to bring your manuscript to its fullest potential? Welcome back to our continuing series, ‘The 10 Steps to Publication,’ where we provide invaluable insights to empower your writing journey. Today, we’re delving into Step 6: Finding and Hiring a Professional Editor for Your Book. Editing is a crucial step in the publishing…

  • Unveiling Step 5: Beta Readers

    Welcome back to our “10 Steps to Publication” series! In our previous steps, we’ve embarked on a journey of manuscript shaping. If you’ve missed any of those previous steps – identifying your audience, unleashing a brain dump, crafting a strategic plan, and embracing the concept of the “shitty first draft” – fret not, you can…

  • Meet Brandi

    Meet Brandi

    December highlights the journey of Brandi, a partner at 5 Two Press. Admired for her innovation and dedication, Brandi’s work intertwines her passion for books with a vision. Brandi aims to reshape narratives, create legacies through storytelling, and build a secure platform for individual expression.

  • Meet Our Founder

    I am Sharissa Bradley. I am a mother and a teacher. I went to school to be a psychologist and after teaching for a few years decided that wasn’t my path. I started my company in 2016 helping people reverse autoimmune disease using food as medicine. I, myself, have 4 autoimmune diseases and after reversing…